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Diane Keaton.

Removing the dead whose families can no longer afford the luxury of a private crypt in a Guatemalan cemetery. As soon as a lease on a grave expires, the cleaners will come and free up the space for a new paying customer. Bags of broken corpses are tossed into heaps like piles of garbage and transported on forklift trucks with the clothes they were buried in still on their backs. Remains that are claimed by family members are stored in a small box and then deposited at an ossuary at the General Cemetery. 
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A letter from schizophrenic patient Emmy Hauck to her husband. It consists only phrase “Herzensschatzi komm” (darling please come) and “komm komm komm” (come, come, come ) repeated over and over.

Love is a series of collages that were created using pieces of over 60 store bought puzzles. Although puzzle pieces are unique, and can only fit into one place within a puzzle, they are sometimes interchangeable within a brand. These puzzles were cut using the same die, but depict unrelated images.

Mill Street Vintage